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Re: Busy first house Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto

Wow. I am consistently floored by other's grasp on this science/art. Thank you so much for your insight. My chart is so 'wrapped up in itself' if you follow my meaning. I feel like my energy is constantly morphing and changing in a cyclical pattern.

'Plutonian Air,' ha, I like that! lol.

Truly, communication with others is IMPORTANT, but if it's about things that I consider 'base' then I have a hard time relating. I'm currently working on finding ways to relate to other people. I've in the past, not been very rooted and only just recently discovered this, so I'm now spending time and energy on this. To achieve this feeling of being rooted, I AM spending more time with other people, though it's not my natural inclination.

Anyway, once again, thank you. I shall take your advice and spend more time on the basics. and looking at the lessons of Chiron and my North Node.
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