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Re: Busy first house Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto

Munch, your 1st house is interesting. Your very close conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, also conjunct your Libra ascendant, grants you the gift of a serious and committed approach to life. Given that Libra rising people generally use language in their dealings with others in the world around them, your verbal interaction is likely to be thought out, but your underlying mood is likely to be optimistic - so combining the energies of both Jupiter and Saturn to your Libra Asc. Pluto is not conjunct these planets, but gives you a somewhat `Plutonian' air about you, and your Chiron in 8th house adds to this. Your early life is likely to be one where your lessons are learned through your ability to transform and become different with each transformation.

I am also drawn to that stellium in Sagittarius in the 3rd house - and Jupiter rules your 3rd house, so your communication with others may be more Jupiter-ruled that Saturn. Pluto sextiles Venus - your chart ruler - and this grants you quite a magnetic personality when interacting with others. I imagine that communicating with others is very important to you. Learning new things also fulfills you.

For karmic lessons I look to your Moon's Nodes and your Chiron - signs and houses, as well as aspects to other planets.

If you are new to asology, then I'd advise that you get to know the structure and the basic meanings of your houses, planets, etc, and concern yourself with karma after that. It is clear to me, though, that you have been born to experience a lot of change, and a lot of transformation of your personality from the ground up. The best way to approach this is to not resist, even though you can feel like you are losing everything familiar to you. (And don't be afraid of anything I say. I have been there, and where you have to go is infinitely better than where it is you feel safe and comfortable.)

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