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Re: Moving abroad

Originally Posted by Cassiopeia View Post
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me

Is this chart valid for the entire year? (this horary chart I mean...) Just asking to know when could I cast another.

I understand that the move looks difficult, but it's not impossible, right? Sorry to bother you with so many questions it's just that I'm quite desperate to find a way out... even if it would be a difficult way out.
Cassiopeia since you specifically asked about this year you got your answer

Horary aside.... if you have really decided to relocate why don't you do it? meaning ...someone asks will i win the next lottery? and you tell him seeing his chart yes you will or no you won't...and the querent still hasn't bought the lottery ticket, or he forgets to buy one what's the point in all this? he didn't do anything as to initiate the events..

so you see when someone asks will i relocate this year?and he hasn't done anything to start the process and after reading this chart he decides not to do anything...remember your question wasn't should i relocate this year? but will i relocate? and so far i understood that this whole thing is a hypothetical scenario for you, unless you have already initiated the process and I've misunderstood your sayings.If the obstacles you have to surpass in your case was, for example, visa then you could clarify this and say "will i get the visa as to relocate? if the problem was health issues...then again you could ask...will I be healthy enough to relocate this year.?( since you mentioned you faced health issues)..if the problem was money and you were expecting a financial aid as to make your dream come true..then you could ask specifically for that...and so forth

This is why i told you to give us the background story...what you seek...what you have done so far...etc
I wish you all the best

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