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Originally Posted by Monk View Post
In Parans for birth charts the angles are defined by the fixed star that is on the angle, however i don't think those that use Mundane Hermetic paran astrology care much as long as Sirius or Alnilam is on an angle or Cardinal points.
For Thomas Burgoyne at actual time of birth if we believe it, Alnilam is on the Nadir or I.C., this means what he is remembered for, how he effected the collective consiousness, he is remembered as a Hermetic astrologer, shown by Alnilam the Osiris star.

We can look at a very interesting day, a bit like Canada Day, but for Australia, called Inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia at Centennial Park, Sydney Australia, this took place on 1st January 1901,

I will leave the Inauguration Programme for the day on private members download, please note it started at noon with prayers....but who were they praying to and didn't know it?

Firstly Opal the M.C. is different in the Southern Hemisphere, it isn't True South but True North, the stars look different, the Belt of Orion looks upside down to us in the Northern Hemisphere!

Sydney will not show Sirius culminating at midnight on January 1st now as we now use Summer Time, which in Australia is Summer on 1st January.

The location was chosen with care, for Sydney is 151 degrees longitude, and will have Sirius on M.C. at midnight and at Noon it would be on the I.C., i will show charts for this later but every 15 degrees from Greenwich by longitude will show Sirius at midnight on New Year after time zone came into play, give or take a degree!

I will continue tomorrow, bossy girl has come to put me to bed LOL!
Iíll be back, tomorrow night! I am not a drinker, but our client has very good taste in vodka, cognac and wine! Good night!
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