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Re: My Aries placements

Originally Posted by Kite View Post
When you compare chart planetary positions check to see that complementary pairs can be seen, e.g. usually a male Sun would be evaluated against a female Moon or vice versa.
My Sun and his Moon are both masculine, and his Sun and my Moon are both feminine. We have Sun / Sun aspects and Moon / Moon aspects, but no Sun / Moon.

When the planets are in aversion (they are not in one of these aspects -- (by sign is okay - they do not have to be degree aspects) then the planets can't see each other which is a problem when trying to relate. So the key planets to look for are Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars and Mercury to Mercury to see that there is mental communication beyond the male/female compatibility and the sexual compatibility
My Mars is in Gemini actually, I just used the Leo placements as an example for Sun. We have Venus (him) trine Mars (me) too (I missed that when considering Mars' sensitivity... ) and double-whammy Mercury / Uranus. However, no Mercury / Mercury directly.
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