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Re: My Aries placements

I see what you're saying (also, you really don't attract Scorpio Suns?! I'm surprised by that too.) and it's true on a practical level, but I was tired when I wrote my question and I don't think I explained it to its fullest extent. So..

The question arose after I met a coworker who I immediately felt nervous and uptight around. While yes, I'm generally antsy, I rarely ever feel like a shrinking violet who speaks only when spoken to. Later I ran their chart and saw they had Mars in Virgo, and while Virgo is other things as well, I view them as a sign that's "stressed." to say the least and perfectionistic, which sort of correlated to my sudden energy change. I didn't want to do / say anything incorrect. Since it was their Mars sign, I wondered if that somehow had a relationship with my Aries placements.

However, my Mercury is in Aries and I have Gemini rising too so ... that's it and I probably overcomplicated it for nought.
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