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Re: Will querent receive her second package and if so, then when?

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Notice how Frawley doesn't speak of 'owning' the merchandise but 'being in possession of' the merchandise. So he seems to be making a fine but important distinction here between owning something in the sense of having merely a legal right and possessing something in the sense of actually having the thing here with you. So the logic here seems to be, you own the merchandise the moment you've paid for it but you don't possess it until it arrives at your door and can hold it in your hands.

Also, it seems that Frawley is still in the process of breaking free from Lilly. That's why there is a revised edition, I guess. Frawley mentions that he "followed the old texts far too closely" and that there is "too much deference to Lilly" and that Lilly at times "tripped over the prejudices of his own age". So I think its fair to assume that what Frawley suggests in the revised edition is based on many more years of experience as a practicing horary astrologer (there are 10 years between the first edition and the revised edition).

Another point is that Frawley's golden rule is simplicity. He actually takes issue with Lilly's long lists of minor testimonies. And that's true for Bonatti as well. It's unnecessarily complicating things. Frawley usually suggests to ignore them.
Yeah. Fundamentally, that is what I'm saying. And as my golden rule: Think for yourself and question authority.

Also, if what you say is true, then in most instances neither the buyer nor the seller possess the property, as is the case here. So what I say still stands because time doesn't stand still. When you get a tracking number and notification that the package has been delivered to a carrier, the carrier possesses the package—so figure out who the carrier is.

(As a final word on this subject, if the querent (buyer) and seller do not possess the package, the buyer has more right to the package than does the seller, so you can never go wrong with using the buyer's second house as a means of determining if said package will arrive to querent/buyer's "possession," if the package is deemed late, lost or whereabouts unknown. The exception here is if the seller hasn't even bothered to send the package, i.e., deliver it to a carrier to enable buyer to take possession. In that instance, you can check and see if the seller still has it. This actually is very simple.)
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