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Should I ask him out?

I think the chart says no.. there's just a lot of Saturnarian influence indicating delays, disappointments, fear, etc. The angles are fixed as well.

L1 / Sun is in Capricorn aspecting Mercury, both in Moon's detriment. I don't really want to do the asking. I don't feel confident in doing the asking, I'm overthinking, and currently have no plan of how I want to ask.

L1 is also receiving L7 ruler, L7 is in it's own sign. I'm about him, and he's about him. There is an applying conjunction, but the orb is too wide.

L7 ruler IS aspecting L10 though for public events? That could be we go out on work together though, esp the L10 is ruled by Taurus. Money making. I noticed Venus is in turned L12 but he's single, no divorce under his belt, and there's no one at work he'd want I'd think.
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