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Re: Fixed T Square in my chart

Squares and T-Squares make you grow and change. They are a good stress! I love mine. Without squares and T-Squares, we'd never grow. The whole point of being alive is to grow and become. T-Squares are the most common aspect configuration. More people have them than not have them. Be grateful for yours. They make you feel ALIVE. The best way to benefit from them is to see them as growth-stimulating. Be open to what these planets are teaching you. And yes, I always look to the 4th "leg" of the missing square for what the goal of the work - that and the apex of the T-square. The opposing planets are applying the pressure.

It'd be great if you post your chart or give your birth date, birth time and birth city/country so that we can erect your chart for ourselves - so we may comment on your chart.
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