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Re: Sun, Mercury and Saturn in 8th house Libra

Thank you Sir for your reply.

I belong to upper middle class family, only child no siblings. Single never married.
Working with one of the leading consulting firms in Information Technology consulting.

Emotional and Psychological stress started due to marriage related matters in August 2015.

Job change in Oct 2015 and movement to new place. Psychological tension continued but physical health was ok, was living alone away from family.

Place of work movement in July 2017 to Middle East.
In some relationship and psychological stress. Relationship closed in April 2018. Physical health ok till August 2018. Constant office politics and tension.

Platonic relationship began around Sep 2018 with purpose of marriage and still active.
Health issues started with stomach (indigestion and constipation) and severe headache in Sep 2018. Further health worsened in May 2019 causing urological and prostate issues. Digestive issues worsened. Meanwhile took treatment and many times back and forth between India and Middle East.
All medical reports coming fine and treatment didnt work.

Serious reaction to Antibiotics on Sep 20, 2019 causing neurological issues and broke the entire body. Constant absence at client side and health issues resulted in return to India and assignment closed.

Struggling with neurological, stomach and urinary issues along with weakened body at present.

Completely healthy till recent problems and no doctor visits in years and years.

Further to your observations.

wavery mind - Sometimes

stormy anger when provoked, objective-just - Absolutely correct

gradual improvement in health - slightly better as at home
chronic urological-kidney-skin-heart-stomach issues; - already mentioned in detail above.

aptitude for social statistical research etc - correct

slowdown in luck-education; urological health issues etc - correct

pain-injury-surgery thighs-urological etc, - stated above
distancing from father, distant lands-travels, - stayed away from home after school
research-occult-astro-forensic aptitudes,- correct

home-career-health-mother etc etc under emotional stress - Since August 2015 constantly worry and tension for one or the other reason.

heart-lungs-chest under stress - frequent cold and cough

Other - Interest in occult sciences, basic understanding of astrology and interest in medicine.

Extremely worried about own and parents health (both senior citizens). Not sure if i will recover.

Please suggest things and decisions to avoid.
Probability of marriage and any suggested timing for the same.

Extremely thankful for your kind study of chart and help. if possible and request granted, request to consult privately.
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