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Originally Posted by kimbermoon View Post
You can find an in-depth analysis of your Venus in Pisces here:

In synastry, having Taurus mixed with Pisces would be considered likely very compatible, however there are many other aspects of the chart to consider in determining overall compatibility. Show us your chart if you want more info.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I believe Taurus and Pisces are considered to be compatible and friendly with each other but it also depends on moon signs and other chart aspects I suppose, as you said.

So here is my chart info:

Sun in 3 43' Pisces
Moon in 18 16' Cancer
Mercury in 28 57' Aquarius (r)
Venus in 12 30' Pisces
Mars in 19 52' Aquarius
Jupiter in 14 36' Scorpio
Saturn in 2 56' Pisces
Uranus in 24 33' Capricorn
Neptune in 22 20' Capricorn
Pluto in 28 3' Scorpio
North Node in 28 18' Scorpio (r)
Chiron in 6 19' Virgo (r)
Ascendant in 23 50' Virgo
MC in 24 17' Gemini

These would be the placements of the Taurus person (except Ascendant which I'm unsure of)

Sun in 5 2' Taurus
Moon in 20 23' Aries
Mercury in 10 52' Aries
Venus in 20 41' Pisces
Mars in 9 12' Taurus
Jupiter in 18 26' Pisces
Saturn in 24 51' Aries
Uranus in 12 32' Aquarius
Neptune in 2 8' Aquarius
Pluto in 7 31' Sagittarius (r)
North Node in 7 39' Virgo (r)
Chiron in 16 25' Scorpio (r)

I'm not sure if we are compatible in terms of moon signs (don't think so) and you'd have to tell me about the other aspects, if you can!
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