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Re: What can I expect during Saturn return?

Thank you Frisiangal,

Makes me feel a little less anxious about the Saturn return beginning next year. Things haven't generally been so good the last two years, from taking the big decision to getting out of a 6-years-old relationship to feeling lost at work. I was wondering if this was going to get any worse and how I may be able to handle it - or not. I hope I will find the strength to face whatever is yet to come.

"It is natal retrograde Jupiter that is harshly aspected AND in the 6th house (also pertaining to physical health). Transit Jupiter will move into Capricorn at the beginning of December. Its first aspect will be to natal Mercury, with an accurate birth time on 11th house cusp and ruler of the personal 4th and 7th houses. This could be suggestive of contacts within the professional sphere that will have an effect affect upon those areas.
The 4th and 10th houses are also the parental axis. "

Could this bad placement of Jupiter impact my work in the long-term? I have been told that I will always be in reporting positions. I aspire to do something great and be known for my good work, but I don't know if that's possible. My health has been rather bad for my age - I have chronic digestive issues, was diagnosed with varicose vein when I was 26, have/had skin issues (that I never had before), etc. So, I have always seemed to have some health problem or the other. Could this transit in December suggest that I may meet someone that I will eventually get married to/have a relationship with?

Thank you for all your help!
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