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Re: What can I expect during Saturn return?

Originally Posted by astrokp View Post
Hi all, I hope someone will respond to this thread. I am due for my first Saturn return in February 2020 and I wonder what it is going to be like. I have been very briefly told that things at work will be affected. I wonder if someone could look at my natal chart and say how Saturn's return is likely to influence my life.

Thank you very much!
You are one of those most fortunate people who has a natal Saturn in only positive aspect AND in its own sign. Many of the Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn generation who experience difficulty with crumbling foundations of any kind would envy you.
Saturn's only aspect to natal Mars would suggest a strong 'martial' nature, in which a harsh, rigid, (possibly ruthless with other aspects) self-instilled 'can take care of myself' discipline (Sun-Saturn) plays a major role

Astrologically, Saturn has nothing to do with whatever 'work' you do, as there is no relationship between Saturn and the 6th and 10th houses. That would come through rulers of 6th house (Sun) and 10th house (Jupiter).

It is natal retrograde Jupiter that is harshly aspected AND in the 6th house (also pertaining to physical health). Transit Jupiter will move into Capricorn at the beginning of December. Its first aspect will be to natal Mercury, with an accurate birth time on 11th house cusp and ruler of the personal 4th and 7th houses. This could be suggestive of contacts within the professional sphere that will have an effect affect upon those areas.
The 4th and 10th houses are also the parental axis.

The 11th house represents the realm of the freedom within those non-personally committed relationships. Saturn's rulership of the 11th house coud represent 'endings' and finality (Pluto) in their transits through it.
When transit Saturn moves into the 12th house it is possible to reflect upon the past and any losses experienced by it, in another manner.
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