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Re: Bullying

Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
David Starling’s explanation makes sense to me. Jupiter and Saturn are material and Pluto is psychological. That’s not to say Pluto still cannot be involved in abuse, but the reasons for it/the type of bullying is psychological, which explains why it seems far worse because it penetrates deeper. If the Pluto person is unevolved then they could be psychologically prone to tormenting someone, in order to deal with their own issues ie projection.

I also like the word ‘tormenting’ to describe the psychological attack towards someone’s soul. To me, the word ‘bullying’ implies a shallower, more material, mild form of harassment. True harassment seems more Plutonian and will effect someone psychologically, which will give them mental illness and could even destroy them which, as Abby pointed out, is their end goal.

I’m reminded of the cop and George Floyd. There was a lot going on psychologically. It was about harassment/domination. Domination seems more Mars and Saturn territory though. Harassment is Pluto’s forté.
But if pluto is in an angular house it IS physical.
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