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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
chasama, I don't know where you live or how closely you have interacted with fellow students. But "Professor Romeo" exists in many universities, and oftentimes he is married.

Generally if he's a repeat romancer, the other older students know about his reputation. Discrete inquiries may be helpful, because I just don't see faithfulness being this man's strength, for reasons I outlined above. Possibly you may want nothing more than a short-term casual fling yourself. But the problem is that if word gets out that if a student and her professor are intimately involved, and s/he is this professor's own student in a class or supervisor relationship, it can cause a lot of resentment among fellow students-- who tend to feel that the love interest is getting special preferential treatment that they don't have. I've also heard gossip years after the alleged incident about female students sleeping their way to professional academic success, and it isn't pretty.

(I'm a retired academic, BTW.)

With your vertex conjunct this man's Libra stellium, I think he is bound to have a very powerful influence over you, and the student-professor relationship will probably seem to have a fated quality. But taking a step into an actual romantic relationship is a different matter, and it may or may not be a good idea.

Best wishes, W.
Haha! I knew you were somehow involved with academia with your serious tone about the subject.

He is married - or probably "was". There is so far no trace of him being with his family. I myself have my own stuff he doesn't know of. He doesn't seem to touch the subject, probably to also prevent anyone asking him about his own.

With regards to him being a powerful influence to me - I wouldn't deny this. It's like "he is already the person that I want to become". He somehow also seem like a "father or older brother I wished to have".

It terms of romance - not sure really, but he seems more into it than me based on some of the things he said. I'm amused more about our similarities than the idea of being in a relationship. And if it is indeed fated for us to meet, I am boggled by the question of "what is his purpose in my life?".

Somehow I value my freedom a lot, and I do think this guy is kind of clingy and easily gets jealous (based on some experiences with him).

Thank you for your insights and I can see that your kindness through your genuine worry about the whole subject.

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