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Originally Posted by chasama View Post
Also I do find it weird that I feel that we are similar? Like I maybe a female counterpart. Or maybe its not only me who feels that way but he seems to point out our similarity often as well.
Since his venus is on your vertex you may have that feeling. He may bring the yin energy (based on the Venus archetype) you need for "equilibrium". Anyway his Juno in your north node may mean something. Though both Junos are retrograde which means you both won't fit in the traditional and desirable spouse role.

His enhanced Casanova may simply mean he takes the active role when trying to "conquer" someone, so he may be the pursuer in love relationships. On the other hand, I also know many veiled casanovas who think their "charisma" can hide their real intentions, but they cannot use this subterfuge with an Scorpio moon like me .

I just hope you can take all of what your man's chart says into consideration, before attempting to have a relationship with him. Perhaps you don't mind and you're bold or open enough to cope with it. Anyway, I wish you good luck
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