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Originally Posted by BlackLioness87 View Post
Do you remember I gave you wrong number for asteroid casanova?. On october the 3rd of 1974 it was on 13 degree of Libra. So Asteroid Casanova is conjunct your man's Mars. That's an enhaced Casanova haha.

P.S. It's unnecessary to hide birthdays because an astrologer can infer it using pluto and other slow planets positions, in addition to the sun and moon positions. As long as you hide birth place and hour your identity will be quite protected.
Haha! I don't try to hide it from you or probably any astrologers. I'm just paranoid with all the data.

Yes. He seem to have casanova conjunct his mars and sun, which I guess would really make bask more into romantic relationships.

I do think he is quite popular, and it amazes me just based on his chart that he has not lost his job yet? Hahahaha! Probably he does not really act on it.
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