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Re: Synastry with my Professor

I hope you (and more importantly, he) are aware of university policy about romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and students. There's no problem if you're not in any of his classes, or if he isn't your supervisor, but otherwise I would be super careful until you graduate. Also, it's very common for students to develop a crush on a professor, and for an unscrupulous professor (and I'm not saying he is) to take advantage of female students.

I say this partly as a standard precaution about any academic romances, but also because with this man's Venus, Mars, Pluto, and sun conjunction he probably derives a sense of power (Mars, Pluto) from romantic encounters (Venus.) Planets conjunct the sun indicate what the person identifies with (sun=identity.) With his independent moon-Chiron opposite Uranus, he may have difficulty in staying faithful. Uranus rules change and the moon gives one's emotional nature.

Synastry can show if people are compatible, but then we also need to look at whether or how people are relationship material independently of the relationship.

However, with your vertex conjunct his Libra stellium, I have no doubt that you feel this is a fated encounter.
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