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Oops, I gave you wrong asteroid number for casanova (7328), but it doesn't matter...

I'll try to highlight some of your synastry aspects:

Your mars in gemini trines his venus in Libra, shows a strong attraction between you both. You may also know how to push each others buttons since your loving natures are in harmony, both are in air signs (btw it would have been better if your venus aspected his mars).

Your uranus square his venus points an unexpected and non traditional relationship with many break ups and come backs included.

Both of you have eros in gemini, both seem to be very curious about sex, so you'll fortunately feel comfortable with each others behavior regarding sex.

Asteroid Hebe relates with intergenerational relationships and with domestic service (Hebe was the cupbearer of Greek gods). Since your Hebe sextiles his venus and his Hebe trines your mars, we definitely have to read the asteroid sexual connotation. Your professor Hebe is two degrees away from your vertex showing he appears as a probable candidate for an intergenerational love relationship. An exact conjunct to your vertex may indicate a fated relationship, however being his Hebe in exact conjunction with your BML, there's a great possibility of an affair.

Your neptune in conjunction with his "ballbastre" shows your imagination running wild because of his sweet/nasty talking

His amor very close to your moon and your lust conjunct his moon is also remarkable, you really want him to feel something, you want to caught his emotional side. I don't know what to say about Amor conjunct moon, amor is unconditional love and interpretations just say moon person will love the amor person and amor person will show pure love to the moon person. But it depends if you man's amor is strongly placed in his chart. If he is already kind with you we can expect this insight to be truth.

Your anteros loosely opposes his venus... something isn't right... as hebe, your professor Venus is close to your vertex, and many of your planets aspect his venus. Does his feminine side attracts you? I see his venus opposing your venus-amor-anteros conjunction, you definitely love and appreciate beauty in opposing ways, this difference may also pull both of you. You definitely want a relationship where one gives and receives love in a fair manner, however it seems there may be moments when he just won't feel like reciprocating your love. Maybe due to his career, his age, I don't know...

I hope this helps you clear things a little bit. Best regards.
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