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Re: Synastry with my Professor

Originally Posted by BlackLioness87 View Post
Hi chasama, I have some questions... are you the inner wheel? are you a female?

I'll suggest you to add asteroids:
Anteros 1943
casanova 7329
nymphe 875
hebe 6
as well as
balbastre 12895 (to check if it's just horniness)

and to remove Juno (since you didn't ask if you both will get married?)

If says there are many additional objects in your chart I'll suggest to remove Aphrodite also (I don't find it prominent in your case)

Are you sure about your professor's birthday? What about birth hour?

Hi BlackLioness87! Thank you for the reply! I added here the asteroids you asked.

Yes. I'm the inner wheel - blue and I'm female.

I'm absolutely sure about his birthday.
The birthtime... probably within an hour maybe.

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