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Re: Analysis requested

lol, why do I know more about mbti than you? you probably know more about it than me

I agree, chart is not so airy. I looked at first chart, which is hard to decipher and opened my big mouth; before looking at the 2nd one. I mistook scorpio rising with virgo rising. those m's! I meant to delete my post but got lazy, then forgot. lol.
Im going to stick with TJ though, just because that is what came to mind.

Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
Hiiii ashriia!

To me the chart is not airy. You probably know more about MBTI than I but if it is a summation of tendencies then it is about a balance and overall the chart did not say T to me. (It is a male's chart though, and I know men may want to view themselves that way.) However, now that you mention it, that is a good guess.
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