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Re: Analysis requested

Hi !
I have recast the chart as per vedic format and the analysis is as follows:
Ascendant conjunct Sun( Chitra) Mercury ( Vishaka in Libra.
Now the Ascendant is in Libra Vishaka the shocker. This star loves bling. They love flashy and they love to shock others.This person can make for an unconventional entertainer or flash photographer.Sun is in Libra Chitra the architect, the diplomat, the balancer. These people have a very good sense of style and aesthetics. They may be good at architecture too.
Moon in Pisces Uttarabhadra the ocean of consciousness. Even though they give a vube of being very social,they are loners at heart. They easily pick on the emotions of others and so they trust very few people. They need peace and quiet at times to drift off in the dreamy ocean
God bless!
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