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Re: Transit Jupiter trine Natal Jupiter?

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In a couple of weeks I'll have Jupiter transiting my 7th house trining my natal Jupiter in my 9th house (conjunct my MC). Does anyone have any idea what this transit could bring for me? I've had excellent experience with Jupiter trine Jupiter transits in the past, for example when Jupiter transited my 6th house+trined my natal Jupiter, I got really good exam results that I wasn't expecting at all, allowing me to be offered a place on the university course I wanted!
Jupiter requires approximately twelve years to orbit our sun once
so approximately twelve years ago Jupiter transited your 7th House

end September 2002 until mid-October 2002

Jupiter then retrograded
and re-visited your 7th House from beginning February 2003 - mid-February 2003

Jupiter went direct
and then at end May 2003 - beginning June 2003 Jupiter made a final transit to your 7th house
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