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Re: Why am I so anxious, and find it difficult to communicate?


Your 7th house Sun and NN reinforce the Libra influence in your chart - one of the shadow qualities of Libra is the tendency to place great emphasis on what others think and desire social approval or popularity. With age and experience you likely will overcome this and find ways to voice the best expressions of Libra.

The chart ruler is Venus which falls in the 6th Houses as does Mercury - perhaps there is some perfectionism underlying the anxiety issues? This is the "Virgo" house.

I would recommend trying to get to the root cause of the anxiety you feel. Perhaps working with a professional counselor can assist in this. Sometimes simply getting to the very bottom and identifying the exact nature of the fear is all it takes. Sometimes we think we fear one thing, but it is really something else we are having trouble naming and facing. Often the path to overcoming anxiety is to take small steps - breaking down a task that seems overwhelming or frightening into increments that are manageable. Meditation can be a remarkable aid for any mental health issue and it's free and can be done anywhere.

I, too, have Saturn and Neptune in the 3rd. Mine is square Uranus where your is conjunct Uranus. I also suffered with social anxiety and withdrawal but eventually got over it although it didn't happen until my 30's. Saturn in 3 can make for feelings of being intellectually inadequate and can inhibit speech and expression - sometimes there can be a speech impediment. In any case it makes for a serious mind and a serious style of communication where there can be difficulty or impatience with small talk - but the person can speak about serious subjects?

With such strong planets in 3H trine to your Sun, you surely possess a keen intellect and should do well in school. Anytime there is an afflicted Mercury in a mutable sign (your's squares Saturn and Uranus) there will be issues with mood, anxiety and a sensitive nervous system.

Your NN/SN in 1 and 2 and the Libra influences strongly suggest the need for relationships. I think what you are going through is likely temporary.

Good luck.
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