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The path of healing is not an easy one, but in truth we are all healing from something in our past.
The process begins by finding the inner reasons for your distress; you have to give them a name and identify the feelings that cause your reactions at the conscious level. Then you have to learn to put the past into it's proper perspective, by learning to use your mind and your emotions. You have spent your life being conditioned and influenced by your experiences, now it's time to put 'new data in the computer', so to speak.
Perhaps this is why you have found yourself in retreat, so that you can begin the work at hand. Using astrology as a counselling tool can help you gain faster access to what lies beneath, allowing you to get faster results. It's all about what makes you tick, and why you react the way you do. Anxiety is often the result of feeling out of control over your circumstances, which is the one thing you must gain back. It is also about becoming more self-aware and conscious of the workings of life, and how they impact on you. Auto-hypnosis or psycho-cybernetics are other useful tools at your disposal.
I am available to offer you some private guidance, if so desired.
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