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Re: Origins of Hellenistic Astrology

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
Relative to your last paragraph, that WAS the original purpose of macrocosmic analysis and prediction (forgive me, that is how the hermeticists always refer to "astrology", and am I guilty of being one of them); TIMING of events, actions, physical and spiritual, was (once) the all-important thing to know: the most ancient Egyptian indications show this, and it is also clear from astrological references in the Vedas and Puranas of India (dating to as early as 2000/3000BC) , that this katarchic understanding held sway, possibly for millenia.
dr. farr, you may be interested to read what Rumen Kolev posted on ACT asatrology forum on Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:42 pm

I have rock-solid proof for many elements in Hellenistic coming directly from Babylonian.......

Hellenistic astrology used the Babylonian Calendar to compute its Birth-Day
Exaltations go very far back - at least to 500 - 700 BC minimum.
But I think the first traces of exaltations are much before Omhros - from around 5,500 BC.
Syzygies go back to at least - 700 BC - firm textual evidence, but ultimately they go again to around 5,500 BC when Agriculture started.........

So, the Greeks are the meeting Point: Point in Time where the True Astrology finished .The Keys were being lost gradually. The Greeks are in the Center: Sumer-Babylonia-Greece-Arabs-Europe"
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