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Re: Origins of Hellenistic Astrology

thanks for doing these posts waybread.. i think it is a fascinating exercise to try to unearth the origins of hellenistic astrology, or astrology in general..

i did go and look at the book you mentioned -"babylonian horoscopes" by fancesca rochberg which is the basis for your statement babylonian astrology was sidereal based..

while i didn't read the whole book, i note that they were dividing up space in 30 degree segments and seemed to be using the star data specifically for finding the location of the moon... the astrology is more interested in lunar position then anything else from what i read.. i find it interesting the desire to put the data in 30 degree increments while ignoring the constellation boundaries.. if they were indeed doing a form of sidereal astrology, it was nothing of as i think of it from the late cyril fagan, but instead a very different kind.. i would call it lunar astrology mostly it seems a tool to map the sky in order to keep tabs on lunar cycles, or solar lunar cycles...

what is also interesting is the starting point at 8 or 10 aries which seems to suggest they were also making the equinox point - or basis for the tropical zodiac - an important consideration as well.. perhaps i will have to read the whole book and it doesn't appear that long either.. here is a google e book link to it..
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