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Smile Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
Trad had an easy time with all the planets and signs going together with no odd one out. When the outer planets came into view, people were forced to assign signs to them without a fixed system like Trad, but by which standard?

David, it would be nice if you can add any mythology that can link Uranus to Aqua, just to expand our knowledge beyond "keywords" Just imagine you just discovered Uranus, and now which sign are you going to assign it to this new planet and why.
•Start by numbering the Signs, beginning with Aries as #1.
•As each next outermost is discovered, remove the higher-numbered Sign from the outermost Planet still Domicled in 2 Signs:
•#11 is taken from Saturn, leaving it Domicled in only #10, and given to
•#12 is taken from Jupiter, leaving it Domicled in only #9, and given to Neptune.
•#8 is taken from Mars, leaving it Domicled in only #1, and given to Pluto.
•The 2 Planets inside of Earth's orbit, Mercury and Venus, appear as both Morning and Evening planets, suggesting a dual-nature. They each continue to be Domicled in 2 Signs in standard Modernistic astrology.
•As far as sharing a Sign as co-Domicile-ruler, no problem in ancient religions for Neptune and Jupiter--they were brothers, and fought side-by-side in the war of the Titans which temporarily removed Saturn from power.
•Pluto and Mars, also compatible as co-Domicile-rulers in terms of ancient religions.
•Ancient religious PROOF of the incompatibility of Saturn and Uranos* as co-Domicile-rulers: Saturn castrated his father Uranos, and permanently removed him from the pantheon of ancient gods. Doesn't get anymore incompatible than that!

*["Uranus" is a patently incorrect spelling of Uranos, so I use the correct one.]
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