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Will my friend have a baby with him? She was the one asking question. They havenít known so long but she is asking this seriously. There is Sun exactly on the asc and itís 6th ruler and his co-ruler? What is meaning of this? Interestingly she is at her own house and he is at his ? But moon will next sextile him Jupiter and itís also Moons last aspect. 5th ruler is moon and that is good but it is in hers 11th house? Part of Fortune is at Virgo 21, so at same degree that 7th ruler. I donít know what to say about this chart. Is it yes or no?
There is no aspect between 1st and 7th ruler so I wonder if moon (5th ruler) sextile Jupiter (7th ruler) is enough. Also If Sun is co-ruler of 5th then itís emplacement but in the other hand could it be another man whoís coming into her life out of the blue? Or then again co-ruler if 7th house and there is contact between them via that.. I never know how to judge these :S
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