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[QUOTE=katydid;952757]People with a dominant Jupiter always deal with Jupitarian issues---but it is not always Religion.

Sometimes it is Wealth.
Growing up in a materialistic or hedonistic or elite family, and the issues that go along with that. I know, I know, it sounds fun. But it can be a nightmare for some.
My friend, a double Pisces with a dominant Jupiter in Sag, had very wealthy parents. But they were emotionally neglectful, were never around, and she was raised by a series of nannies. It has been emotionally debilitating for her.

That was the theme in the Titanic movie I never experienced any of that. I know it doesnt sound like fun at all. I would hate all the social rules and stuff with my aquarius ascendant. I am hoping in the next life to leave Jupiter behind so far as my childhood maybe and go with the Sun or Venus being the ruling planet in my family or moon. It's not as fun of a planet as you think if it overrepresents an area of your life.

But hey I got to be happy Caput Algol isnt on my descendant and Jupiter conjunct. I know someone who had this their childhood was absolutely horrible with physical and sexual abuse and loss of parents being moved around even poisoned.

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