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Re: Ivf

Dear waybread
You mean that i would not have a baby whether i use donors egg or not??
But this would be another question i quess.

Also i ve read that the answer is given from the 4th house.
The forth house has the SN in it.
So we couldnt say that the answer to my question is "no dont proceed to serogacy and there is a trine applying could be a potential of a childbirth maybe with ivf but own eggs."???
I suppose that if moon sun and jupiter was not placed well without any aspect between them , then it would be easy to be absolutely negative to all.
But now we have a venus ( beneficial but barren )in the face of jupiter and we have a ferile moon lord of 10 th (ivf techniques maybe )into the fertile 5 th and a sun also in exaltation of jupiter.

Lets say that the worst scenario of not having a baby at all is the right one , then please tell me what do you believe is this trine???
Because something must shows . We are not talking about seperating aspects (which could be the past maybe)or with many orbs away.

I want you to excuse me for toomany qustions and please know that im gratefull for responding to me, really..I m asking because i want to learn the way to read and also please tell me in this chart which planet represents the donor?
Thank you waybread..
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