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I basically agree with Waybread, although I'd be a bit more optimistic.

Moon in fertile sign, dispositior of Moon is Jupiter (natural ruler of children) also in fertile sign and in H1, L11 (5th from 7th) also in fertile sign and dispositor of L11 is Jupiter again and in a fertile sign. There's an applying aspect between Moon and Jupiter by trine.

However, what doesn't bode well is L1 in barren sign, L5 retrograde in a neutral sign, no aspect between L1 and L5 or Moon and L5, plus Jupiter as natural significator of children peregrine and retrograde as well. Also, there may be an issue with your husband, his significator is retrograde and approaching the SN. So he may not be a cooperative component right now. Receptions don't look so good either, L1 in detriment of L5 and L5 in detriment of Moon and fall of Jupiter. You may be blocking it with your attitude.

So I'd say generally speaking, there's reason to remain hopeful but now is not the right time to do it.

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