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Re: Lots = Pillars of Fate

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that at least one member of the forum will be curious as to what I derived for the chart I've been 'championing' as being that of a certain well known and very controversial person in Biblical history.
By the formula Dr. Farr says is diurnal, i.e. Asc. + Part of Spirit - Part of Fortune, I get 25* Libra 36'. The Sabain Symbol for this degree, i.e. the 26th of Libra is certainly one that 'fits the profile' if this particular formula does actually reveal what has been defined here in this thread.
The 'nocturnal formula', produces 05* Virgo 50'.
Considering that my diurnal Part calcs. to 01* Taurus 33' and what the Sabian Symbol that is found for the 2nd degree of Taurus is and that the nocturnal formula produces, 02* Gemini 47', I would agree with Dr. Farr and stick with my general rule of thumb when dealing with Parts/Lots which call for reversal of formulae depending of whether it is night or day. That being to only use the 'Day Formulas' for all Parts regardless of time of day.
I consider the Symbolism found at these diurnal charts to be that of a 'Basis of Being'. The nocturnal formula would then have to be something indicative of that is the antonym of that...of ones 'Basis'.
Anyone that is curious/interested [that one person I know that is reading this anyways] can read the symbols I identified above for them self and see what I mean.
[I apologize to the 'Trads' here, but I'm only giving the link to the Sabian Symbols site {Free, no charge...} ... while I did talk about them I didn't recite once from Rudhyars text nor did I post a single word of description or paraphrase any definitions.]
Sabian Symbols site:
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