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Re: Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Date Help Needed

I hope you sail through this surgery with everything going well.

What you are asking is a question about both medical and electional astrology. Electional astrology is almost impossible to do brilliantly. There will always be planets in inconvenient places.

First, I would compare transits on your range of date options with your natal chart. It's about what looks best for you, not for the universe more generally.

The sun, Leo, and 5th house rule your heart.

Your surgeon is Mars and the 7th house.

Your health is a 6th house matter.

It's best not to have a void-of-the-course moon, meaning the moon has passed its last major in-sign aspect. However, surgeries happen all the time with a VOC moon, so far as I can determine. I'm sure most of them work out fine.

Similarly, one planet or another is probably retrograde most of the time. Somehow people have surgery and get better, anyway.

If you wish to post your chart, that would be helpful. The most legible charts are at Astrodienst If you have a computer, save your chart to your computer, and then follow the prompts at the bottom of your next message to attach it as a clickable thumbnail. From a cell phone, use a service like and then just post the link.
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