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Re: Will the magistrate find me guilty

The criminal charges are laid by police on the complain of my ex wife. So, in this scenario is Venus the ex wife or law enforcement / state.

I do not foresee any out-of-court settlement. I'm afraid that may not be an option at this stage.

Lastly, can the Mars-Venus trine be interpreted as "hatred" towards each other?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Generally in horary we look for significators applying to aspects with one another; or failing that, exchange of essential dignity. Sometimes an antisticia relationship. I'm not seeing the magistrate (Saturn) giving you (Mars) much support here, and the moon (your stake in the matter) is in its fall and is combust. Mars is ruled by Saturn, but Saturn doesn't return the favour. On the other hand, Venus retrograde (ex wife) applies to a trine with Mars. Is there a possibility of you two settling this out-of-court? Venus is in the sign of Saturn's exaltation, but he doesn't seem to be doing much for her, either.
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