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Re: Will the magistrate find me guilty

If I may ask - how do you look for future Venus & Mars trine or harmony or hate towards each other in the chart? I will be very interested in learning how to read this. Does this require a seperate chart or question

The 8th house which you mentioned in the reading regarding my ex-wife's finances. This could be child support payments, as I have already been making child support payments for many months now. These payments have financially exhausted me and are presently ongoing.

Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post
In the end, I think the decision will not be against you and I think it will have to do with the money (8th) that will be for your child (Sun). The decision that comes out at the end will be related to the child???. Also i think that finally you will talk with your child.
Also the future trine with Venus with Mars can show "harmony" result even that Venus "hates" you, who show again the economic issues.

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