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Will the magistrate find me guilty

Hi, firstly, thanks to all of you who came here to give me a hand. I am learning techniques for Horary Astrology for the last 3-4 months.
My question is mainly on a heavy subject and I am not skilled to independently read the chart. This question has been on my mind for several months now.

I have been charged with a criminal assault matter (DV related), that has been falsely alleged by my ex wife. She had some injuries, not caused by the way she says it had been. The case hearings have been in progress for several months, and there has been few past hearing dates.
The case is the police (state) vs me. I’m asking this question for myself.We have a young daughter who the ex wife has taken with her and I have not seen since, or heard anything from her for over 6 months. She is too young to call me on her own. There has been no contact with the ex wife since the charges were laid by police.

I would like to ask, what does my chart indicate in terms on success in the case? Will the magistrate / judge find me guilty. How will the further hearings go.
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