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I know this was posted awhile ago but I still want to add my two cents Pluto has been going back and forth across my descendant for the last few years and now this year it is beginning it's journey through my 7 the it's opposing my Saturn and soon will oppose my moon.
My aunt and uncle died a few months ago and I was very close to them. My relationship with my mother is changing in a multitude of ways. In my natal chart my moon/Saturn in my 1st represents my mom.
Also, so far all of the new people brought into my life are all capricorn ascendants/cancer descendants opposite my chart. The last guy I dated for such a short while he was cappy/cancer super intense and he took off without any explanation...just disappeared from my life because he couldn't handle the feelings that arose from our relationship. After he left, in seeking answers I found his natal chart and not only is he cappy/cancer but he's also venus/Mars in Scorpio and Pluto conjunct sun on his mc!!! Holy **** talk about Plutonian...

Anyway, you're not alone my friend
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