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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

I found this thread while searching the internet on pluto transits.
Pluto was conjunct my DC in 2013 when my dad committed suicide (pluto transitted his 12th house conjunct his saturn). 2 years later, with Pluto now in my 7th house conjunct my Cap Venus, I've met a very plutonian person who I have been intensely attracted to (we also have a pluto-venus opposition in synastry). This relationship has been very intense and beautiful, him and I we both did some mayor healing, but it still had a very plutonian tone. This relationship is over now. With pluto on my DC and then in my 7th house conjunct my Venus until December 2016 I can tell you that it's been extremely intense, transforming past 3.5 years.
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