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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Originally Posted by StillOne View Post
I've had transiting Pluto conjunct my Descendant for about a year. It's been intense...
As I can see it's not only Pluto!!! Saturn conjuncted your Neptune (that's suffering **does your career effected?) and Venus (cold emotions affected your relationships) and he is full ahead to oppose your Moon, ruler of your Asc!!!! Uranus squared Asc/Dsc axis simultaneously while Pluto touched this axis too. Neptune squared your natal Neptune and Venus as well. As you can see three heavy planets affects simultaneously the Asc/Desc axis, Venus (ruler of family, house etc) and Neptune (ruler of 9th-10th if the time of birth is correct).

Pluto brings transformation through unconscious paths into your life THROUGH others, relationships, cooperations and open enemies or even consultants (it's a form of cooperation). You should pay special attention on what others wants by you, especially the meanings that are hidden behind their words. It seems that so many years you had the opportunity to produce major changes in your life. Now you have the chance to do that THROUGH others. It's like they have the power NOW.
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