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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Originally Posted by StillOne View Post
FYI: I'll most likely edit this thread a bit over the next few days.

Now that Pluto is starting in the 7th house, all of the foretold events are coming to pass regarding my relationships. They are transforming heavily and there's quite a bit of intensity surrounding the transformation. It's involving the closest people to me. My partnerships. They are simply not working as they used to. I am yearning for deeper connection and my current relationships cannot offer that to me. So there's been quite a bit of mostly internal drama regarding this but I'm sure the people close to me sense this.

(Interesting to note the upcoming Prog Moon opposing Natal Saturn while Transiting Saturn opposes Natal Moon!)

With that I present you my chart. If you take a look, and you find you have any other interesting thoughts regarding my chart, please don't hesitate to mention them.

Thank you!

StillOne, look also at the progressed and solar arc Venus, they are both in H7, progressed Moon also in H7, it's all about relationships, mainly with women. And soon you'll have progressed Moon conj Pluto in H7, you wanted deeper relationships, here you are. Solar Arc Neptune is there, and you'll go soon through a midlife crises with T Uranus opp Natal Uranus...

But keep an eye on Saturn transiting your H6, have only a positive focus on health, don't have fear and negative thoughts. Your prenatal New Moon was conjunct Pluto and AC, and your prenatal Vertex was conjunct a H10 Chiron, to me it looks that you came here with a strong Pluto Chiron theme, try to channel this energy towards positive manifestations.

Use your h12 Moon for meditation, to help you to stay centered and to ask for guidance, with so much going on in H7 you'll need it. Moon is 12 is great, great for meditation.

Don't forget that with so many yods you cannot fix major problems, you have to learn to live with them, therefore act accordingly and don't try to push hard to fix them because they might affect your health.

And hope that your H7 Jupiter will deliver one day his promise and you'll meet TheOne.

Good luck to you and to me and to everybody who's going through difficult transits and progressions...
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