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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Still One -

Pluto is like Shaft - one bad mo fo. Maybe your moniker says more than we know. Deep waters and all.

I relate 7th house to others - not just self. I would offer grace for not having to experience that stuff of pluto in 7th as of yet, personally, but I have a natal moon/pluto square - so my emotions get lava'd pretty easy by pluto.

As for my friend - as I alluded, she had that mini-stellium of Cap and YES she did offer him to come back home and he did and they are still married, but of course, their entire relationship was transformed. I am pretty sure, her's was a business decision, which Pluto asked her to make. She did not want to be that divorcee with grown children and lonely at home. She had a beautiful home, large and full of life.

Anyway - I feel like a gossip, but no names mentioned. They went to ongoing relationship counseling and she discovered, he had been using cocaine for the last year of their marriage!

Everything changed.

But the first several years were rough on a lot of her 7th house relationships - friends, co-workers, even her lawyer griped at her. That's how ugly the divorce was and, for me, as her good friend, I found it difficult to accept and to even be around them as a couple for a good couple of years. Her close relationships, en generale, got to taste some of that Pluto 7th by proxy. A few of her more 'principled' friends ended their friendship with her, but a lot of that had to do with all their badmouthing catching up with them when they got back together. I stuck with her, but it was rough during the take-back.
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