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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Still One -

How's it going?
Hey Kitchy! It's going well thanks! How are you?

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
"I could tell him 'go to hell'
I really hope she chose this route. It's the only route that makes "sense" to me. The other way just seems like a life full of suffering by all parties... my opinion.

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Pluto always backs up good or bad - Saturn. Think of Saturn exaltation in Libra, ruled by 7th house Venus. When Pluto crosses descendant, it's all about getting what you want and if you can't, getting everything they have. Pluto takes no prisoners once it hits 7th house, nor does it set them free. If you're gonna take or be held prisoner - know what you're getting in the end.
Interesting, and what I'm experiencing so far is the all or nothing aspect that you're talking about. Personally, it's very refreshing in ways (minus the family events), as it's been a big departure for the norm for me in how I have experienced relationships prior.
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