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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Still One -

How's it going? I've been peeking in on this thread - when I first read it, I immediately thought of my good friend who had Pluto cross her descendant about 20 years ago.

She was married to a man for about 20 years - 3 kids 16-20 yrs old. She had a wonderful home life, she was a stay at home mom and she was always torn about her kids growing up and leaving the nest, even though she spent her/their family life preparing for it.

Her husband one day - comes home and says he is leaving her for another woman. Out of the blue to her and to everyone. He was gone from her life within a week.

She hated him for it - went to the Nth degree in divorce, alimony, child support. She stripped him naked financially. The woman he left my friend for, wasn't interested in him after that - his bitterness and no disposable income and in the divorce, he got his two dalmations and he had no place to home them - so his lady ended up taking care of them and one of them got out one day and disappeared and the question always remained if his lady ditched the dog (the one she disliked the most) and after about two years - husband approached my friend - told he was on the brink of dying in his soul, begged her for mercy and forgiveness and asked to rejoin the family. She told me - "I could tell him 'go to hell' or "I could let him come back with no trust of him whatsoever and make his life miserable and hold him by the balls" (she had jupiter venus saturn conj. Cap).

Guess which option she chose?

Pluto always backs up good or bad - Saturn. Think of Saturn exaltation in Libra, ruled by 7th house Venus. When Pluto crosses descendant, it's all about getting what you want and if you can't, getting everything they have. Pluto takes no prisoners once it hits 7th house, nor does it set them free. If you're gonna take or be held prisoner - know what you're getting in the end.
Pluto crossed my DSC when my mother and stepfather had a terrible separation (I was eleven years old). My stepfather started doing heavy drugs, hocked off all our valuables, kicked us out on the street, and then disappeared. Because he went missing, my mother was unable to finalize a divorce for almost a decade. It ruined her financially.

This was after a year and a half of being in and out of women's shelters because my stepdad was physically abusive to my mom. I still have panic attacks if two people argue/yell in front of me, especially inside a home. When I was 23 (12 years later), I was at a friend's house for a dinner party and two of the guests yelled at each other in jest. I had to excuse myself because I was on the verge of tears and shaking all over. I hadn't realized how deeply traumatized I was until then.

My mother has Sun conj. Jupiter 4 degrees from my DSC, square her tight Mars/Moon conjunction in Virgo (her Mercury is in Scorpio, and Pluto passed over it when she got married). Transit Pluto made hard aspects to all of these during the separation.

I don't have my stepfather's placements, but my mother told me that he has Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon. Pluto must have passed over his Sun recently, maybe even when they got married, and I wonder if Neptune was opposing his Moon at the time (it was conjunct mine).

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