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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

Originally Posted by Flapjacks View Post
Saturn transit over your Venus/moon opposition seems to make an impact on your relationships, too. Pluto will be in the 7th for a long time, long after the Saturn transit is over, but the call to organize, get serious, and put effort into your approach to the Venus/moon dynamic might play into your realization that your relationships are not working and an overhaul might be necessary.
Thank you, yes, an overhaul has definitely become necessary as I've had to analyze all my relationships and realize that either they need to transform or become obsolete.

You're also right in that Saturn Conjunct my Venus brought relationships into focus as well. I had a string of interesting events when Saturn hit.

Originally Posted by Flapjacks View Post
My Pluto transit over the Descendant was pretty ******. I had several heavy transits at once, so this might be why. The usual game is that 'Plutonic' people or situations start showing up and turning things upside down, and eventually the face you present to the world changes in a fundamental way due to these experiences. My guess is you might become more "mature" or reserved in how you display your emotional state and how you feel, how you approach women or feminine things, romantic relationships, friendships, expectations of them. Saturn will do the modifying, but Pluto will make it a deep impact. At least, that is how I see it.
My "face" definitely changed as Pluto worked it's way thru the end of my 6th house. My body transformed pretty radically. I was down 40 lbs at one point which was way too much for me to lose. I've since put on more weight but the way I eat now has changed radically. So, yes, the opposition to the ascendant has now transformed how the world sees me.

As far as relationships go, I desire deeper relations now. The superficial friendships that I had just aren't cutting it anymore.
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