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Re: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

*Does anyone want to share any experiences or insight regarding Pluto conjunct the Descendant or Pluto transiting the 7th?
I think that such a question would have to face and go through various issues before receiving an answer.
1) Pluto is very private and may not desire to share what activates its emotions.
2) Natal Pluto's sign and ruling house is going to have an effect upon how transiting Pluto manifests for it.
3) The state of conscious awareness of/in the individual will reflect how it perceives Pluto to be working.
4)Its transits to other planets, and those occuring simultaneously before/during its crossing the Descendant/7th house cusp, are going to effect how the individual relates to 7th house inferences. Pluto finalises to regenerate the planets/house with a totally new dimensional direction focus.
5) Its orbit is so slow that there are those who will never undergo its
transit through the 7th house. Its transits to other angles and through
other houses will be more significant regarding any theme a chart carries within it.

Every transit of every planet is strictly personal of nature, although, generally speaking, the outer planets do share the generational influence. Uranus re-organises, Neptune dissolves. The most that can be said 'privately' of Pluto through Capricorn is to compare it with the generational influence occuring in the world, of which the complete annhiliation of old and outdated structures in whatever form they take, seems to be a major one.
In-built fears can make many then wonder why and what's around the bend that can't yet be visualised, let alone seen.

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