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Transiting Pluto conjunct the Descendant

I've had transiting Pluto conjunct my Descendant for about a year. It's been intense. I've actually had numerous intense outer planet transits the last few years and there looks to be no shortage of them on the horizon as well.

During this transit my grandfather has passed, my father was hospitalized for a month in icu, and I have had years of health concerns as Pluto made it's way through the 6th culminating with Pluto conjucting the Descendant.

Now that Pluto is starting in the 7th house, all of the foretold events are coming to pass regarding my relationships. They are transforming heavily and there's quite a bit of intensity surrounding the transformation. It's involving the closest people to me. My partnerships. They are simply not working as they used to. I am yearning for deeper connection and my current relationships cannot offer that to me. So there's been quite a bit of mostly internal drama regarding this but I'm sure the people close to me sense this.

*Does anyone want to share any experiences or insight regarding Pluto conjunct the Descendant or Pluto transiting the 7th?

(Interesting to note the upcoming Prog Moon opposing Natal Saturn while Transiting Saturn opposes Natal Moon!)

Thank you!


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