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Re: Do I have a T-Square or a Grand Cross?

Originally Posted by santama View Post
would you say that I have Grand Cross in my Chart although Venus is not directly connected to Saturn and Mars? Or would you intepret it as what it is by the drawn chart, a T-Square? Would be interesting to know.

I have a lot of tension and obstacles in my life. I want to learn how to overcome these. I feel as if I am not living to my full potential.

Originally Posted by santama View Post
Sometimes life seems like such a long and exhausting road to me.. I want to make the best out of it though!
Hallo santama,

as already lwritten by other astrologers here- I don't see a Grand Cross and t-square neither - as in astrology valid orbs are important.

All energies shown in your chart - you live with from birth and child on - you are in principle used to them and familiar with them - as knowing these energies like close family members.

From my experience- the periods of time being experienced as most tensioned - mostly are the times - when the well known energy flow is interrupted by a transit planet - activating one of your natal planet degree exact for a certain time and to strenghen more one part of a planet being in a challenging aspect in your natal.

And involved natal planets in fix signs - knowing for not easy change and let go - react more irritated in the beginning and make you feel more tension and exhaustion.

Like it actually is happening with your natal saturn in 2nd house on special sensitive degree of 0°pisces opposing your natal mars in leo in 8th house on 29°leo.

Mars in fix sign leo is a persisting intense energy and also stubborn - all fix signs are in their individual sensitivities -and in 8th house - with mars/pluto correspondence energy - even more intense - subconsciously directed and only changing -if you feel the necessity deeply in yourself - down to your deepest roots

Your natal saturn in pisces - a mutuable sign - is in general of more ease to let go - but your natal saturn on 0°pisces in 2nd house - sits like between 2 signs - fix sign aquarius and mutuable sign pisces - like sitting between 2 world the visible and the invisible - between 2 rooms - between 2 opportunities - kinda indecisive - scared to choose between 2 opportunities - and to make the wrong choice.

This hesitating can cause a lot of tension - like being tared forth and backwards..

Same valid for your sun on special degree of 0° cancer between gemini and cancer -in 6th house - sun ruling your 8th house. Working zero-degree exact hand in hand with your saturn in 2nd house by trine - mainly active to look after your self-protection and to save your physical existence.

Now your natal saturn is conjuncted in a special way by transit jupiter having entered 0°pisces - transit lasting forth and backwards until Jan. next year. Giving your natal saturn more weight and importance now and interrupting for a while your natal well-known 0°saturn trine 0°sun flow - adding jupiter energy and tr-jupiter's purpose on for a change - functioning like a mediator for a necessary change in your life and life-themes.

Same time your natal mars is challenging opposed by transit jupiter until end of this year.

Mars as ruler of 3rd house - mental mind, thoughts in 8th house is able to store thoughts and memory of (bad) past experience very long - remembering all tiny details. And is a sensitive instinctively working pre-warning antenna - intuitively aware and sensitive reacting on and in situations -felt as pers. dangerous - as 8th house is death and near to death experience in own life - also figuratively with ending something - like a relationship a contract a.s.o. - Fearing to get existencially destroyed, to lose all and to be left alone. Mostly focussed on to avoid a repetition to happen in own life again.

What makes a change during transit times some more difficult and experienced then as (more) stress and as tensioned and exhausting.

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