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Re: Do I have a T-Square or a Grand Cross?

Originally Posted by santama View Post

would you say that I have Grand Cross in my Chart although Venus is not directly connected to Saturn and Mars? Or would you intepret it as what it is by the drawn chart, a T-Square?

Would be interesting to know.

I have a lot of tension and obstacles in my life. I want to learn how to overcome these. I feel as if I am not living to my full potential.


Thanks for the Placidus Chart. I do know the feeling of not living to "my full potential". I bet a lot of people have felt that way - and I can say that I have too. The earth signs - Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus - are workaholics of the zodiac. They want to accomplish a lot. You have a Capricorn rising with Neptune and Uranus in the 1st, Taurus IC with Venus in 4th, and Mars almost in Virgo - you'll feel the Virgo at 29 degrees Leo. There is the urge to work and accomplish. But then, you have your chart ruler, Saturn - in the 2nd house - Taurus's natural house - the house of money but also the house of self-concept and self-value. And Saturn is in Pisces . . .

Pisces is not of this world. It's closer to our spiritual self - where creativity flows from. That's why Pisces is such a creative sign. It is very flexible too - it can play a lot of roles, like an actor. Capricorn just likes to roll up its sleeves and get to work. Pisces is less enthused about that. It'd rather play, escape, meditate, write in a journal, do something creative, reflect.

Since in your past life, you played a role that didn't suit you - or robbed you of developing yourself in different ways, I bet now, the real goal is not to go head-long into accomplishing something, but more to look inward to try on some new roles - like trying on a new clothing style or acting a kind of role you've not played before.

You have Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Cancer - a very VERY sensitive sign. I bet you feel other people's feelings very keenly. They are in the 7th house of relationships. You want to nurture others - but - I have to wonder if you might like acting as a career. I say this because actors do have this level of sensitivity. That aside, your Sun is square Jupiter in Libra - there's much pressure for you to expand yourself and to be in relationship with others - to expand expand expand - yourself - evolve the way you see yourself and the value you have. THIS is the main goal of your life. It's more of an exploratory life - to change the way you view yourself. You need to understand that accomplishments are not all concrete ones - but internal ones. Capricorn is actually about knowing yourself from deep within. It's not only a work sign but a very internally reflective sign.

I think you will always want to work at something, but I suggest to you that it be something in which you can truly grow - something that has creativity in it - something that utilizes your deep sensitivities. I see you working with people in some way.

Does any of this resonate?
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