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Re: Do I have a T-Square or a Grand Cross?

Originally Posted by santama View Post

would you say that I have Grand Cross in my Chart although Venus is not directly connected to Saturn and Mars? Or would you intepret it as what it is by the drawn chart, a T-Square?

Would be interesting to know.

I have a lot of tension and obstacles in my life. I want to learn how to overcome these. I feel as if I am not living to my full potential.


A Grand Square consists of four planets, two sets opposite one another and then all four 90 degrees from each other within a set orb. Technically, you don't have a grand square because Venus is more than 15 degrees from a square to Mars. The orb is super wide. Saturn is 15 degrees short of a square to Venus - super-wide orb again. This is why it is not shown on the chart. Most astrologers wouldn't see it as a Grand Square. But, honestly, it doesn't matter how you see it as a "picture". You still have squares and oppositions and conjunctions in your chart. Aspects are the least important parts of the way I interpret a chart anyway. I interpret them only after planets in signs and houses - and there can be plenty of tension in interpreting elements and modes that conflict. One can always see tensions in every chart.

Not to diminish any tensions or difficulties you have in your life - I'd say that it is a definition of being human. Our challenges may be different, but we all have them.

Your South Node past life is in Gemini, 6th house - so in your past life, you were someone who was of service to others. You may have developed some great skills, but you were not in a position to truly develop yourself in other ways that you wanted to. Your self-identity is at the heart of the matter. It's possible that if you were say in a "servant class" that you could not or did not have the means or station to be who you really were - and now, you still have that feeling, even though circumstances have changed.

Your chart is all about revising how you think about your identity - who you are. You have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Cancer - 6th-7th houses. Cancer is a very sensitive sign - capable of great compassion and understanding. However, it also feels other people's energies very keenly, so can be overwhelmed and feel a need for protection. With a Capricorn rising, you can be a hard worker and take on a lot of responsibility, and ignore all the Cancer sensitivity. If you do that - this can be very stressful on the body.

You need relationships - to be relating and working with people - as part of the way you learn about yourself. People reflect you back to yourself.

Capricorn can be a workaholic - keeping busy busy busy - and is also a servant kind of sign - will be helpful, responsible and dutiful. Your chart ruler, Saturn, is in Pisces though - where we go within. 2nd house - is self-value - and Pisces could represent value in the spiritual-creative side of human nature. Your Saturn is very close to the third cusp. Actually - if you birth time is a little off - it could be seen in the 3rd. If it really is in the second - that Pisces needs to express through Aquarius on the second house cusp - so - blending energies is required when a planet is in a sign not on the house cusp.

Mars is in the same position - it's in Leo with Cancer on its house cusp.

Anyway, I see you've used an equal house system - the least used system among astrologers. I use Placidus. It no doubt is going to put your planets in other houses. I don't have your birth data to pull up a Placidus chart to compare - so, I kinda don't want to read too much without reference to a Placidus chart.

If you post a Placidus chart, or give your birth data, I'd be happy to make other comments.
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